Small bathroom designs ideas from Oliver Fenner

Keep It Simple

Straightforward lines. Fundamental colours as well as designs. Sparse furnishings. When trying to visually enlarge a little space these design ideas can make all of the difference. This streamlined bath is a study in stylish contrasts.

Maximize Natural Light

Maximize the perceived size of a tiny bathroom by sharing space in the outside with the indoors. Here, a big window provides access to beautiful, private views. Two big mirrors hung on opposite walls help the little bath and reflect the view that is outdoor feel airy and open.

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Stand-Alone Storage

Add standalone storage in your small bath to support organization and add a lot of fashion.

Find the Right Size

Occasionally design decisions are dictated by a little footprint. And scale and proportion are essential variables when working in a little space such as this one. A classic- style faucet and container sink ensure the small counter space stays mess-free.

No Wasted Space

Examine the floor plan carefully and plan storage solutions according to your preferences and space constraints. Custom built in cabinetry is generally the top option for maximizing cupboard space. The corner is good-used with a big upper cabinet that maximizes space with a door set on the diagonal.

Add Little Luxuries

A bathroom must be purposeful. But no matter the size, there’s always room for special touches to generate character and joy. This smallish bathroom appreciates considerable storage, thanks to built in cabinetry plus a recessed wall niche (not shown). Here, a tiny bench found alongside the shower lends suitable stowaway space for towels and soaps as well as somewhere to take a seat.

Retain Views

An interrupted view is crucial to making a small space feel open and asking. Here, a glass environment from feeling cramped and dark, prevents the shower. The line of sight remains uninterrupted, both from inside and outside the shower.

Create a Cozy Feel with Color

Selecting a single color in a variety of colors can develop a way of coziness. Warm beige wall tiles envelop this tiny bathroom like a hug. A Mirror framework and a richly stained wood dressing table put in a bit of luxury. The tiny floor tiles put in a dash of contrasting texture that keeps the space seeming new and contemporary.


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