Small bathroom designs with walk in shower from Oliver Fenner

Fashion a Focal Point

Add a walk in shower that enriches the usefulness and attractiveness of a tiny bathroom. The glass enclosure stair-steps up a marble frame, emphasizing a toiletry ledge plus the shower bench that aligns together with the beaded-board wainscoting’s upper trim.

Adapt and Adjust

Furnish pedestal sinks or downsized dressing tables to your small bathroom to open up space to get a walk-in shower. The shower’s frosted-glass door, which stops several feet provides privacy.

Omit the Tub

If showering is the go-to washing option, forget about including a bath. Instead, use what might have been the bath wall to generate a huge walk in shower. Stretching across a toilet’s back (and shortest wall), this walk-in shower provides a lot of pampering without overwhelming the little toilet.

Be Space-Savvy

Enlarge a tiny toilet’s utility by designing a walk-in shower that provides a solid wall or walls for placing vanities or baths. Seemingly an extension of the bathroom’s plank-clad walls, this knee wall adapts a vanity that is shallow having a mirrored door. White painted walls, the shower’s glass tiled and enclosure walls, and reflective surfaces encourage light to go around the space, inducing the tiny toilet to seem roomier.

Go Long

Align bathing and showering stations on the longest wall of a tiny bathroom. By setting the bath contrary to the walk-in shower’s knee wall, the homeowners created a compact organization that left open the opposite wall for other toilet fittings. A common palette of shades and materials furthers the connection involving bath and the shower.

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Delight the Eye

Even the smallest toilet can accommodate bounteous style. Though diminutive in dimension, this walk-in shower makes an impact thanks to tiled inside and its marble door frame, which charcoal walls are highlight. Toilet floor tiles replicate inside the shower to link both regions.

Blur the Lines

A walk in shower that blends into the backdrop. It fades in importance, thanks to bright hued wainscoting that envelops the lower walls of the toilet though the seamless glass enclosure of this shower is visible. Without solid walls, the shower seems with its surroundings rather than as a separate room.

Raise See-Through Walls

Enclose a walk in shower using a glass enclosure that is seamless. The clear impediments take up little space that is visual and let natural light flow involving the bathroom and shower, which in turn makes a tiny toilet dwell larger than its measurements. This toilet’s unbiased tiled walls continue to the walk-in shower to further the space-stretching delusion.

Simplify Forms

Narrow toiletry and this profiled pedestal sink ledge stylishly take the spot of a more cumbersome vanity. The marble-tiled walls and ceiling elevate the just furnished toilet.


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